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Nail Stake

Nail Stake Nail Stake
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nail stake nail stake

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Product information: Description Unit Pallet Weight(kg) 3/4″x12″ 10pcs/box 150boxes/pallet 0.6200 3/4″x18″ 10pcs/box 100boxes/pallet 0.9250 3/4″x24″ 10pcs/box 75boxes/pallet 1.2400 3/4″x30″……

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Product information:

Description Unit Pallet Weight(kg)
3/4″x12″ 10pcs/box 150boxes/pallet 0.6200
3/4″x18″ 10pcs/box 100boxes/pallet 0.9250
3/4″x24″ 10pcs/box 75boxes/pallet 1.2400
3/4″x30″ 10pcs/box 60boxes/pallet 1.5450
3/4″x36″ 10pcs/box 50boxes/pallet 1.8600
3/4″x42″ 10pcs/box 40boxes/pallet 2.1650
3/4″x48″ 10pcs/box 30boxes/pallet 2.4750
7/8″x12″ 10pcs/box 150boxes/pallet 0.9100
7/8″x18″ 10pcs/box 100boxes/pallet 1.3550
7/8″x24″ 10pcs/box 75boxes/pallet 1.8200
7/8″x30″ 10pcs/box 60boxes/pallet 2.2700
7/8″x36″ 10pcs/box 50boxes/pallet 2.7300
7/8″x42″ 10pcs/box 40boxes/pallet 3.1800
7/8″x48″ 10pcs/box 30boxes/pallet 3.6400


Wrapped in cardboard envelop per 10pieces then on pallets or packing according to customers request


These stakes can be used for support garden plants such as orchid, tomatoes, cucumbers. Perfect for supporting trees, vines and some natural climbing plants.


As any gardener worth their salt knows – theres no such thing as too much support for your beloved plants. Enter our top of the line nail stakes – designed with utmost care to cater to an extensive range of garden plants needs! No matter if you’re growing orchids or vine plants like cucumbers & tomatoes – these stakes can be a lifesaver when it comes to providing them with additional strength they require.

We only use premium quality materials while crafting each stake so that it can endure tough conditions- be it extreme weather or harsh chemicals. With individual cardboard envelop wraps of 10 pieces before being packed onto pallets- rest assured about the safety of your stakes during transportation and storage. When it comes to plant growth support is essential – and thats where our nail stakes come in! These superior quality stakes provide robust support for your plants so they can grow faster and healthier than ever before.

But did you know that they’re also perfect for large or small trees that need additional anchoring? Thanks to their sturdy construction our nail stakes can keep your trees stable even during heavy winds – which means no irreversible damage done! Besides supporting trees these versatile nail stakes are also ideal for preventing smaller ones from drooping down. And if climbing plants like wisteria or ivy feature in your garden design plan? Our stake will keep them securely anchored while enabling them to flourish unencumbered.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out with adding new greenery around your home – we have got you covered with these remarkable garden companionship providers! Trust us when we say – using them is a breeze! You won’t need any tools and the stakes can be installed quickly and effortlessly. Simply use the sharp end to drive the nail stake into the ground and voila! The pointed part will keep it in place without any additional effort. When it comes to supporting your garden plants effectively and easily there is no better choice than our nail stakes.

Their flat top design is specifically engineered to make attaching twine or tie tape as simple as possible – not to mention their hassle free removal when you need to update your support system. Providing superior strength and durability alongside unparalleled ease of use features our nail stakes are ideal for backing up all sorts of garden vegetation whether they be natural climbing plants or towering trees. Order today so you can rest assured knowing that your plant life is well supported.


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